Donald at the Bat – Day 1258, Russian Bounties

Day 1258, Russian Bounties 


Did Russia offer to pay bounties to the Taliban,

For killing off our soldiers over in Afghanistan?

That’s what the press is publishing and Donald let it slide,

Although he had been briefed on it, which Donald has denied.


Denial not dispositive, we know that Donald lies.

Will there be money changing hands when our next soldier dies?

Just what was Donald briefed on?  Not just what but also, when?

He’s still been kissing Putin’s ass.  “G8?  Let him back in!”


If Russia really did this, what did Donald contemplate?

No sanctions, rather choosing Putin’s ass to osculate?

If Russia really did this, someone here was derelict.

Intelligence or Donald Trump?  Which one would you predict?


With Covid 19 spreading, Russia paying Taliban,

And our response just chaos, for the Donald has no plan,

The virus and the Russians show Trump’s mental bankruptcy:

Two existential threats to life and to democracy.


We need a Covid strategy that functions nationwide.

We need a sense of unity which Donald won’t provide.

Perhaps not “won’t” but “can’t,” for Donald does not understand

That he must think of others first and that’s not Donald’s brand.


And, what does Putin have on Trump, that Russia gets free rein?

It has to be more than just helping Trump in his campaign.

Loan guarantees with Deutche Bank?  The “pee tape?”  Which is it?

Or is it both?  In any case, we’re slogging through deep shit.