Donald at the Bat – Day 1251, Belligerent Stupidity in Arizona

Day 1251, Belligerent Stupidity in Arizona 


In ignorant rigidity

Trump’s faithful gather for him.

Belligerent stupidity

In all those who adore him.


They demonstrate futility

Of experts and of science

With bellicose hostility,

Crowd maskless in defiance.


They do not heed mortality

We face in this pandemic

And do not fear fatality,

Denial, epidemic.


They chose a church to congregate

With preachers advertising

That Covid cannot propagate;

In air that’s ionizing.


Trump needs big crowds to stimulate

His ego when it’s flagging.

Without big crowds that adulate,

We see his posture sagging.


Denial and vacuity

In many Trump supporters

And their expressed fatuity 

Astonishes reporters.


Without unquestioned loyalty

Trump won’t get re-elected.

Don’t fear to be a casualty—

Come out and get infected!