Donald at the Bat – Day 1250 (no 1249), Was Trump Joking?

Day 1250, Was Trump Joking? 


Trump has no sense of humor, so he cannot tell a joke.

If he were a comedian, then Donald would die broke.

So when his people say, “Don’t take what he says seriously,”

We’d better; Trump has never made a comment humorously.


Trump said, “If we do Covid tests, then we will find a case…”

That logic is persuasive to the Donald’s basest base.

So, come on out; don’t wear a mask, to see your favorite son;

His radiance will sterilize, like UV from the sun.


Trump is a god, his rallies are just like attending mass.

He shines a mix of bigotry and sunshine up your ass.

There is the ritual of condemnation of the press

And fragrant smoke for racists; words are clear, no need to guess.


Attendance has now fallen; polls show faithful numbers shrink.

Is it the evil Covid’s fault or Bolton’s, that rat fink?

Or was the Donald punked by ticket orders that were fake?

Or all of these together, giving Trump a stomach ache?


We know the Donald lies and cheats, a statement that is fair.

Opponents are all outraged, while supporters do not care.

His anti-science stance appeals, if you think magically.

And preachers die of Covid as their faith fails tragically.


So, Donald was not joking when he said, “Cut back on tests…”

For facts are Donald’s enemy; we know his whole shtick rests

On bullshit and on bluster and on sheep that he can herd,

A base that thinks he’s handing them the clean end of a turd.