Donald at the Bat – Day 1248, Donald’s Super Spreader Rally

Day 1248, Donald’s Super Spreader Rally 


A Covid 19 rally’s being held by Donald Trump,

Effectively what he is doing back out on the stump.

Coronavirus on the rise, Trump’s fortunes sinking low,

So Donald joins the virus; he is going with the flow.


Trump’s opening for business now and that means Covid, too.

It’s Trump, the Dow, and Covid; let’s see what this team can do.

Will internecine warfare cause this team to come apart?

Do we know who is driving, who’s the horse and who’s the cart?


If Covid is the driver, would Trump be the horse?  Or mule?

(Could Trump have been the driver, if he’d studied hard in school?)

If Covid whips the Donald, then will he refuse to move?

We know that mules are stubborn and their thinking can’t improve.


And, is the cart the market, mule and driver pull along?

No judgment of its own and no direction, right or wrong?

Do Trump, the Dow, and Covid move with purpose or adrift?

If they are going one way, which determines if they shift?


The virus is the only one in charge of its own fate

Until we have a vaccine, which will be some distant date.

So, Covid’s now the driver, Donald Trump, the stubborn mule.

He’s hard to keep in harness, his attention, miniscule.


Returning to the question: can this combination serve

To lead us to the future?  Are these three what we deserve?

We bought the mule in ‘16; were we cheated in that deal?

Our case goes to the people this November, on appeal.