Donald at the Bat – Day 1252, Trump Campaigns; Infections Rise

Day 1252, Trump Campaigns; Infections Rise 


As Trump campaigns, infections rise

And everything gets worse.

His motorcade excitement dies

When followed by a hearse.


Infections rise and Trump’s campaign,

Ignoring every fact,

Cannot escape the mark of Cain

As Donald does his act.


And now, we’re getting news reports,

Trump’s staff is getting sick.

Not just BS that Trump transports,

When Donald does his shtick.


The EU sees the USA

Is boiling with disease.

So, would it be a shock if they

Impose a travel freeze?


Our scientists have testified

On what we ought to do,

Advice that Donald Trump defied,

And now, the bill is due.


So Trump campaigns; infections rise;

We opened up too soon.

New cases now are no surprise,

Since no one is immune.


The Trump response is: end support

For every testing site.

With no new cases to report,

He’ll say he won the fight.