Donald at the Bat – Day 125, Donald’s Willie

Day 1125, Donald’s Willie


A threat to justice, once again:

The Donald stuck his willie in.

When he saw Roger getting stoned,

Trump said this cannot be condoned.

To show us all he had the juice,

The Donald turned his willie loose.


Past lawyers from the DOJ,

All wrote to say, “That’s not the way

“The justice system we know works,

“To have to fear Trump’s willie lurks

“In every case that comes along,

“And we’ll get bit by Donald’s schlang.” (1)


Though William Barr pleads, “Please don’t tweet,”

The Donald just applied more heat.

“My willie will do as I please;

“When I poke something, it’s not sleaze.”

(You might recall another Dick,

(Who tried to pull the same old trick.) (2)


Now, what if Donald should defy

A clear court order, by and by?

Would Trump defy his own Supremes,

The worst fear of our nightmare dreams?

Republicans, what will you do,

When Trump tells Mitch’s court, “Screw you!”?


So, now we’re back to William Barr;

Should he be hauled before the Bar

To yank his license for the law

And shred it like we shred cole slaw?

When that was done to Roy Cohn, (3)

Remember, he sank like a stone.


(1)  The German word for “snake” is Schlang.  It should be pretty easy to work out how the Yiddish version of this word, Schlong, became a slang term for “dick” or “prick,” or any other of the myriad English words for “penis.”

(2)  Richard Milhouse Nixon (1913-1994) 37th president of the United States, who was referred to as “tricky Dick,” with varying degrees of affection.

(3)  Roy Cohn (1927-1986.)  Among his many sins, he served as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer until being disbarred in 1986.