Donald at the Bat – Day 1124, One Thousand Attorneys

Day 1124, One Thousand Attorneys 


One thousand former DOJ attorneys say Bill Barr

Ought to resign; it’s just too clear he’s working for the czar.

So obvious that Willie works on whims of Donald Trump,

It’s Donald and not justice that is Bill Barr’s guiding star.


Since Donald and his Willie are in charge of Justice now,

The odor wafts to heaven like a stinking garbage scow.

Trump learned from his acquittal, he’s forgiven everything.

When he says, “Speak,” Republicans, in chorus, say, “Bow wow.”


Republicans, Fox News, and Barr are with Trump, come what may,

Which means whatever he may do, whatever he may say.

Though Moses brought us Ten Commandments, Trump brought only one.

“Not Moses, Saint Paul, nor Mohammed: we’ll do things my way.”


But, now recall the Bible story of the Golden Calf:

A false god raised by Israelites and smashed by Moses’ staff.

Then Moses ground their idol up and fed it to the crowd,

Who wandered, homeless forty years, a dismal epitaph.