Donald at the Bat – Day 1123, The Battle Hymn of the Republic (if you can keep it) (parody)

Day 1123, The Battle Hymn of the Republic (if you can keep it.) (1)


Mine eyes have seen with shame the coming of autocracy,

As we’re allowing Donald Trump to kill democracy.

Republicans vote to approve his kakistocracy,

As Trump goes marching on.


Donald needs McConnell’s Senate;

Hundreds of bills have died in it.

If, this Fall, we do not win it,

Democracy will die.


The Donald is the worst of all our country’s presidents.

Yet some maintain he’s there due to the Master’s providence.

But, if you check his provenance, you’ll find no evidence.

Yet, Trump goes marching on.


Mitch’s people are castrati,

They think they are glitterati,  (2)

Great deliberative body,  (3)

Democracy will die.


The Senate, neutered, Donald only has to face the courts.

And “Christians” do not seem to mind whom Donald Trump extorts.

Aborting Roe v Wade’s enough, at least from all reports.

So, Trump goes marching on.


If we’re all just a spectator,

If we let him be dictator,

If we have this fornicator,

Democracy will die!


  1. From a remark by Benjamin Franklin after the Constitutional Convention.

      (2)  A couple of Italian terms, appropriate for Fascism.

      (3)  The Senate fancies itself “The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.”