Donald at the Bat – Day 1126, Pardon Me

Day 1126, Pardon Me 


When Donald thinks, “corruption,” he says he’ll be hard on it.

But, when he finds corruption, he’s shown he will pardon it.

Eleven pardons, just today, of every kind of crook.

Corruption doesn’t seem to bother Donald, when you look.


If you should run against him, though, Trump bellows, “Prosecute!”

Oppose Trump: that’s corruption; it’s an evil attribute.

Since Donald is the chief decider of what’s right or wrong,

When Donald raises his baton, you’d better sing along.


The campaign has begun in earnest; Trump flies everywhere

To steal press from the Democrats, whoever might be there.

He’ll make the case that he should govern as an autocrat,

His judgment, all that matters; God knows Trump’s no democrat.


Since Trump has thrown the gauntlet down; who will take up the fight?

Republicans pledge fealty, their morals taken flight.

The Democrats still wrestling, their champion not named.

And, can they win a tournament that Donald Trump has gamed?