Donald at the Bat – Day 1127, Debating and Sentencing

Day 1127, Debating and Sentencing


Democrats, last night, were debating.

We saw them take turns, all berating,

The cash Bloomberg spends,

Which they know upends

Poll numbers that Bloomberg’s gold plating.


With hot, glowing coals Mike was baptized.

Even worse, he was re-circumcised.

If you’re a rich guy,

How much can you buy,

Given how Democrats are comprised?


The big news today is of Roger,

As in Stone, he’s Trump’s artful dodger.

His sentence, three years;

But now let’s shift gears.

Will Trump pardon his criminal codger?


For, Donald is hinting a pardon.

(Pardon power gives Donald a hard on.)

The power’s absolute.

There is no dispute,

A power he cannot be barred on.


McGuire, DNI, has been fired.

Apparently here’s what transpired.

Attempts to explain

The Russian campaign

Made sure that his tenure expired.