Donald at the Bat – Day 1128, The Fragile Narcissist

 Day 1128, The Fragile Narcissist 


If you can’t tell the president what’s true,

Instead, must tell him what he wants to hear,

If it will cost your job to state your view,

The president becomes a man to fear.


Not feared because of power he may wield,

But feared because he’s not reformable.

He is a general on the battlefield,

Both uninformed and uninformable.


The president throws tantrums when he’s told

Of Russian interference in the vote.

The Ship of State has water in the hold;

In Russian minefields, can it stay afloat?


The president’s a fragile narcissist,

Who finds himself stuck in a quandary.

His fragile ego makes the man insist

He did not get help beating Hillary.


And he can’t ask himself why Putin wants

To have the Donald as his puppet here,

Or have the Congress know the Kremlin haunts

The Donald’s past and, yes, the vote this year.


So Donald needs to change his DNI

To someone qualified by loyalty,

Another sycophant who will deny

All facts that threaten Trump’s fragility.