Donald at the Bat – Day 1130 (no 1129), Russia Backing Bernie

Day 1130, Russia Backing Bernie


Are the Russians backing Bernie?

Do they want a Socialist?

No, the Russians still want Donald;

That’s why Bernie’s on their list.

We’ve learned Putin’s interfering,

Even with the Democrats.

Why might Putin favor Bernie?

He needs “Fifth Avenue Fats.” (1)


Donald Trump has weakened NATO;

That is just what Putin needs.

For he knows a stronger NATO

Will impede his evil deeds.

If Trump thinks we can’t make money,

He won’t send troops out somewhere.

And, if Putin takes Crimea,

Donald Trump won’t even care.


Mother Russia makes her money

Mostly selling oil and gas.

When we’re fighting global warming,

We’ll knock Russia on her ass.

So Vlad Putin needs the Donald,

A man he tells what to think,

For, if we elect some other,

Vlad’s economy will shrink.


When Vlad Putin reads our polling,

He concludes that Trump might lose

To a candidate like Biden.

Therefore, Putin needs to choose

An old Socialist like Bernie,

Whom he thinks that Trump can beat.

Since Trump campaigns by dividing,

The word, “Socialist,” is sweet.


Russia’s back in our election;

First they’ll mess with Democrats.

Then they’ll openly help Donald;

They need “Fifth Avenue Fats.”

When Democracy is weakened

And the EU comes apart,

Vlad rebuilds the Russian Empire.

Donald Trump’s the way to start.


(1)  “Fifth Avenue Phatz,” a song I have written about Donald Trump but have not yet recorded.  “Phatz,” was suggested by my grandson, Noah Baird.