Donald at the Bat – Day 1131, Primary Elections

Day 1131, Primary Elections


Bernie Sanders won Nevada and he won it by a lot.

Biden was a distant second; other campaigns went to pot.

Here they come, South Carolina, where we’ll see if black support

Will tell Biden he’s still in it, or tell Joe he should abort.


Pundits tell us old black voters don’t like young men who are gay.

So, we’ll see how Pete is doing when young black folks have their say.

Bernie did well with Latinos but this is a different test,

For the polls say it’s black voters where Joe Biden does the best.



Primary time and caucus time: vote for your candidate.

Primary time and caucus time: whom will we nominate?

We have to bring the Donald down;

We’ll have no king who wears a crown.

Primary time and caucus time: whom will we nominate?


Lindsey Graham has been challenged; (Jaime Harrison is black.)

They are running for the Senate; who will voters now send back? 

Lindsey’s nose is up Trump’s anus, which no noble man would do.

All his self-respect has vanished, his comeuppance overdue.


All the Democrats are voting: President, the Senate, House.

They should focus on one question; who can rid us of this louse?

Who can rid us of the Donald?  Should he join Weinstein in jail?

It’s an existential crisis, so we know we must not fail.



Primary time and caucus time….