Donald at the Bat – Day 1133, Coronavirus

Day 1133, Coronavirus 


How widely will Coronavirus spread?

“Throughout the world,” our scientists have said.

The question, therefore, is not where?  But, when?

And, in the end, how many will be dead?


Coronavirus made stock markets fall

And fewer shoppers going to the mall.

Such threatened profits punched Trump on the chin;

But, at the CDC, no one to call.


For Donald Trump has gutted CDC,

The scientists protecting you and me,

Their budget slashed by stroke of Donald’s pen,

To build his wall against the refugee.


Trump needs advice on whom to quarantine,

Developing and testing a vaccine,

But Donald Trump just wonders, “Can I win

“With this damn virus making such a scene?”


Then, Donald mused, “This might all go away,

“With April showers or with blooms of May.”

No evidence, of course, but once again,

The Donald puts his BS on display.


The problem, also, Trump can’t take advice.

He’s uninformable, to be concise.

We’re in the hands of this most flawed of men.

What will it cost and who will pay the price?