Donald at the Bat – Day 1134, Coronavirus Press Conference

Day 1134, Coronavirus Press Conference


Since Michael Pence will slay the virus,

We can all relax.

Around the world, they all admire us,

Foiling such attacks.

Whence came the bee in Donald’s bonnet—

Put Mike in the game?

Did Donald put poor Michael on it

Just to take the blame?


Right now, we’re watching markets sliding,

Sold off by fat cats.

And, naturally, Trump is indicting

All the Democrats.

Trump told us markets are cascading,

And folks cut and run,

Because the Democrats debating

Frightened everyone.


And then the Donald contradicted

What his experts said.

That stunt by Trump could be predicted

As the markets bled.

He says perhaps the epidemic

May not be that bad.

For, Trump thinks science is a gimmick.

(He’s a business grad.),


So Donald now has Michael leading,

Fighting pestilence

And, in the markets, stopping bleeding;

Losses Trump laments.

And after all, it’s Trump’s election

That concerns him most.

For winning gives Trump an erection;

Then he gets to boast.