Donald at the Bat – Day 1135, Pence and Trump

Day 1135, Pence and Trump


Coronavirus, killing spreading,

Who should take the reins?

That bad PR that Trump’s been dreading,

Here (‘til April rains.)

Since Donald Trump is anti-science,

Michael Pence should lead.

Both men view science with defiance;

Prayer is all we need.


No global warming, evolution,

(Science, though, is clear.)

Our faith and prayer bring absolution;

Armageddon near.

And, if you’re pensive about smoking,

(Smoking doesn’t kill.)

The scientists have all been joking,

So light up and chill.


Pence must approve all new announcements

By the CDC.

We’ll have no data-based pronouncements

Spread to you and me.

We cannot have informed opinions

From our scientists.

No, just Fox News and Donald’s minions,

Our monarch insists.


Since Donald now controls the message,

Confidence has flown.

Investors fear that this may presage

More dreaded unknown.

And then Trump said, perhaps by magic,

This will go away.

Historically, such planning’s tragic;

Maybe we should pray.