Donald at the Bat – Day 1136, Trump Trolls in South Carolina

Day 1136, Trump Trolls in South Carolina


In the Democrats’ election

There’s a Donald Trump infection.

Reporters marveled at how Trump’s nose grows.

Donald hoped that his appearance

Would cause massive interference

With all the Democrats and whom they chose.


We all know Trump fears Joe Biden;

Trump did not succeed in hidin’

His pressure on Zelensky to announce

He’d begin investigation

Into Biden’s reputation;

Announcing it on TV is what counts.


Now it seems most folks think Bernie,

If he faced Trump in the tourney,

Would be someone who’s easier to slay.

 Donald Trump told his supporters,

Right in front of the reporters,

To vote for Bernie on Election Day.


Donald said, “They’re out to get me;

“They’ll use anything to hit me;

“The latest—the coronavirus hoax.

“But if we pick my opponent,

(Socialist that I can torment,)

“Then I can slander Sanders ‘til he chokes.”


Trump’s trip purpose was just trolling,

Which is his way of controlling

Whom he will get to run against this Fall.

Now the Democrats are voting;

If it’s Bernie, Trump is gloating;

 “Such an opponent means I’ll win it all.”