Donald at the Bat – Day 1138 (no 1137), Who’s In? Who’s Out?

Day 1138, Who’s In?  Who’s Out? 


Tom Steyer is out;

Pete Buttigieg, out;

Does that mean it’s Bernie and Joe?

Mike Bloomberg’s still in

And Warren’s still in,

Then Klobuchar was next to go.

Mike still has big bucks

And Warren, small bucks.

This Tuesday will tell us a lot.

Some big states will vote

 And small states will vote;

So, how many votes has Mike bought?


As more virus spreads,

Uncertainty spreads

With Donald Trump at the controls.

Still Bernie campaigns;

Joe Biden campaigns;

And everyone follows the polls.

Can Bernie be beat?

Can Donald be beat?

If so, is Joe Biden the one?

Can Joe raise the cash?

Will Mike Bloomberg’s cash

Help Joe Biden get the job done?

As patients go down

And markets go down,

Is Donald Trump staining his shorts?

If he breaks more laws

Like he’s broken laws,

Will he got more grief from the courts?


So, this is the year,

Oh boy, what a year!

Both virus and Donald disease.

They both are a plague;

Remember the plague?

It brought the whole world to its knees.