Donald at the Bat – Day 1139, A Democratic Socialist

Day 1139, A Democratic Socialist


A democratic socialist,

Or Trump, the lying narcissist?

Should not the choice be crystal clear?

We have to get Trump out of here,

Out of the White House, straight to jail,

(And must not let him out on bail.)


Coronavirus, world diseased,

A sign from God, “They” are displeased. (1)

First fire, then flood, now pestilence…

What could be better evidence?

We must heed what God has to say

Or “They’ll” ignore us when we pray.


How forcefully must we be smote

Before we learn which way to vote?

And, one more time, it is a Jew

Who’s telling us we’ve gone askew.  (2)

Whom, one more time, some can’t abide,

And cry he should be crucified.


So, Bernie, (Biden if you must)

Or we may see the world combust.

Return us to democracy

Or stick with Trump’s autocracy.

But, know this: if we stick with slime,

“No more water, but fire next time.”  (3)


(1)  Should God have a gender?

(2)  Moses, Jesus, now Bernie Sanders.  (Bloomberg, if you don’t share Bernie’s aversion to billionaires)

(3)  James Baldwin, 1963, “The Fire Next Time,” title of a book of essays, quoting a verse from the Negro Spiritual, “O, Mary, Don’t You Weep.”  There are many variations.


“God gave Noah the rainbow sign,

“No more water but fire next time.

“And, pharaoh’s army got drownded,

“Oh, Mary, don’t you weep.”