Donald at the Bat – Day 140, Super Tuesday

Day 1140, Super Tuesday 


Super Tuesday, for Joe Biden, vaulted him into the lead

And defeated Michael Bloomberg; Warren still will not concede.

Super Tuesday also tells us that Trump’s gambit in Ukraine

To get them to smear Joe Biden, did not leave much of a stain.


Now we’re left with Joe and Bernie; who will be our champion?

Who will take his sword and shield and go to face the evil one?

If Mike Bloomberg now spends money to back Joe, he might prevail.

Let’s hope Bloomberg keeps his promise, for we simply must not fail.


Donald shows his narcissism and a depth of ignorance

 Of all sorts of basic knowledge: for advice, just sycophants.

Now we face coronavirus; all the world’s become alarmed.

And, with Donald as our leader, we are basically unarmed.


As we’re facing this Goliath and a man who would be king,

We’ll need more than little David with his pebbles and his sling.

For the Lord seems to be silent; we don’t know whom He will bless.

When we need God’s intervention, who’s He for?  We’ll have to guess.