Donald at the Bat – Day 1245, On The Road Again

Day 1245, On the Road Again 


The chair of Trump’s coronavirus force

Went to a restaurant without a mask.

The maskless hypocrite?  Mike Pence, of course.

Why maskless?  Do you really have to ask?


Trump seems to think masks are a leftist plot,

Or science recommends them, just as bad,

Two points of view against which Trump has fought

Since he learned business ethics from his dad.


Was Trump’s pandemic task force just for show?

So he could get on TV every day?

He showed us all how much he did not know

With all the stupid things he had to say.


So, now he’ll take the Trump show on the road,

With chloroquine and Lysol sponsorship,

Where he will feel much freer to unload

And mix bullshit with virus.  What a trip!