Donald at the Bat -Day 126, Bolton’s Book

Day 1246, Bolton’s Book 


We know John Bolton wrote a tell-all book.

We’ve heard that Donald Trump is really shook.

Not scheduled for release until next week,

The New York Times obtained an early look.


Trump tried to block the book’s release next week

But now the press has given us a peek.

There’s lots of stuff that we already knew.

And lawyers say that Donald’s case is weak.


Although there’s stuff that we already knew,

John adds ingredients to Donald’s stew.

Like how Trump does his foreign policy…

What he asked Xi to do is really new.


The Donald does his foreign policy

By giving his own interests primacy.

To Donald, everything’s a business deal.

(But he has filed four times for bankruptcy.)


Trump says that he’s the master of the deal.

(When Putin gives commands, Trump comes to heel.)

He held up funds to pressure the Ukraine

To smear Joe Biden, now the Xi appeal.


Election help from Russia and Ukraine,

Now Trump asked Xi for help, to buy more grain. 

And Bolton told all this to William Barr,

Who kept it covered up, though now in vain.


So, Trump’s a crook and so is William Barr.

But Trump’s supporters don’t care if they are.

Since they don’t read books, they won’t read this one,

And Donald will remain their shining star.