Donald at the Bat – Day 1244, Donald’s Health

Day 1244, Donald’s Health 


Is something wrong with Trump; I mean, besides the obvious—

Stupidity and narcissism?  Now he’s tremulous.

Can’t hold his right hand steady, needs his left hand to assist,

Can’t drink with just his right hand. Why?  Can’t he rotate his wrist?


We saw him walking down a ramp with most peculiar gait;

Each step was left foot leading, his right foot uncertain, late.

Trump said the ramp was slippery, a dangerous place to go.

(It wasn’t wet, the weather fine, no danger that we know.)


With both right limbs affected, symptoms may portend a stroke.

Trump’s seventy and corpulent; such findings are no joke.

And every now and then he has some trouble with a word,

Not just his poor vocabulary: mispronounced and slurred.


Trump cast aspersions on the health of Clinton when she ran.

And now it’s Biden Trump attacks, his standard campaign plan.

But what if Donald Trump’s the one with serious disease?

Is Donald worth the risk with our whole nation on its knees?


If Trump should crump, then we’ll get Pence, is what Trump’s base would say.

Does that fill you with confidence?  Could Mike Pence save the day?

So far, Mike’s just a sycophant, no leadership displayed.

His Covid 19 task force seemed like mostly a charade.


Are there depths that Trump can’t plumb or below which he can’t sink?

Especially when Republicans are still with Trump in sync?

Their North Star has been drifting; now it’s sinking quickly south.

Right arm, right leg impairment have been added to Trump’s mouth.


Belligerent, incompetent, no evidence of skill,

Trump’s overmatched when well but would he get worse if he’s ill?

We need to know his health; frank apoplexy is too late.

Take seriously the fact Trump finds it hard to ambulate.