Donald at the Bat – Day 1243 (no 1242), Gay Rights

Day 1243, Gay Rights


If you are homosexual,

Neil Gorsuch, strictly textual,

Writes that our laws on civil rights,

In words’ plain meaning, which he cites,

Say no one may discriminate

In jobs now held in any state,

Nor legislate with whom you screw

If you are LGBTQ.


Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh,

Don’t like this reading of the law.

For, bigotry’s all right with them

And, our employers, on a whim,

May fire someone for being gay.

But this view did not win the day

And they lost big, by six to three,

When Roberts, too, spurned bigotry.


 Transgenders also won relief

From Trump’s attacks; it’s his belief

That prejudice on sex and race

Inspire his loyal, bigot base.

So, fundamentalists, bereft

That Gorsuch, Roberts joined the left,

Return to science to refute

And Doctor Fauci to dispute.


Since science is a bitter pill,

We know that they’ll resist it still.

Each epidemiologist,

Like Birx or Fauci, will insist

That we wear masks when we go out,

With Covid 19 still about.

This warning Trumpists still defy,

And rally maskless; who will die?