Donald at the Bat – Day 1234, Should Trump Take Insulin?

Day 1234, Should Trump Take Insulin?


Trump didn’t know that insulin was just for diabetics.

Such ignorance makes Donald ripe for Hubbard’s “Dianetics.”  (1)

He asked if he should try some, though he isn’t being treated.

No—let him stick to chloroquine, ‘til COVID has retreated.


If Trump gets low blood sugar and you do some I.Q. testing,

Cognition will test even than lower than where it’s been resting,

For insulin drives glucose into lipocyte-rich tissue (2)

And Donald’s rich supply of this is certainly an issue.


If we’re hypoglycemic, then our neurons cannot function.  (3)

Our brains and GI tracts will both be thrown into malfunction.

Poor thinking with your brain or, like Trump, with your large intestine,

Means that you’ll misinterpret all the data you’re digestin’.


Since Donald’s data base is short and it is not expanding,

He tries to get by with just bullshit, bluster and grandstanding.

By adding low blood sugar to his problems with cognition,

We’ll all be FUBAR, sinking ever deeper in perdition.  (4)


But why keep Donald healthy?  We’re already in bad trouble.

With Mike Pence as our leader would our problems halve or double?

We know Pence has no principles except against abortions.

Would Christians leaving Trump come back to Pence in large proportions?


So sadly, Mike Pence just might win November 3rd’s election

And Jerry Falwell Jr. would display a huge erection.

So, let’s keep Trump in office, functioning at full potential.

He might be easier to beat; our victory’s essential.


(1)  L. Ron Hubbard, “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health,” 1950. Considered by some to be the “bible” of Scientology.

(2)  Lipocyte rich tissue: fat.

(3)  Hypoglycemic: low blood sugar, which may be caused by too much insulin.

(4)  FUBAR: fucked up beyond all recognition.