Donald at the Bat – Day 1235, Senator Rand Paul and Lynching

Day 1235, Senator Rand Paul and Lynching 


Rand Paul, a southern senator, keeps up the old tradition (1)

Of blocking anti-lynching bills, a classic opposition.

Just look at Rand Paul’s history; this isn’t new obstruction;

A Libertarian, he seeks the government’s reduction.


Let’s say you own a coffee shop, denying black admission,

He does not think the government should make you give permission. (2)

He knows that blacks have civil rights, but what about white owners?

He knows that question resonates with bigoted white donors.


Reluctantly, Paul has accepted 60’s legislation

That let black people vote and stopped de jure segregation.

But he is not so sure the government ought to be able

To make white café owners give black customers a table.


And then there’s lynching: Paul thinks cops should get a small exception.

Enforcing laws too strictly might create the wrong perception.

If cops can be forbidden to give black suspects a beating,

Harsh rules like that eliminate a common lawman’s greeting.


Once more, a southern senator blocks lynching legislation,

Though, in his mind he’s just opposing civil rights inflation.

But is it Libertarian that cops should be forgiven?

Is violence against black folks our US culture given?


Or is it simple bigotry, racism manifested?

Some ancient vermin with which we are commonly infested?

There’ve been no anti-lynching bills; all blocked since Reconstruction;

Racism as a motive’s not a difficult deduction.


(1)  Senator Rand Paul, the junior senator from Kentucky.  Mitch McConnell is the senior senator.  Kentucky’s electorate would seem to have some serious judgment issues.

(2)  Louisville Courier-Journal, April, 2010.  Articles covering Paul’s campaign for the Senate.  He has since “revised” his statements but maybe not his opinions.