Donald at the Bat – Day 1233, The Price of Being Black

Day 1233, The Price of Being Black 


Not once has Trump said cops should stop their killing of black men.

Especially unarmed black men, which the cops have done a lot.

Black men aren’t Trump supporters; killing them is not a sin.

To be a black man’s hazardous; you might get choked or shot.


Protesters of the killings have now taken to the streets

In tens of thousands everywhere; though some came just to loot.

And now, it’s all about control, we learn from Donald’s tweets.

And what about the dead black men?  Trump doesn’t give a hoot.


Trump says that he must dominate; he’ll send the army in.

If governors don’t go along, “…they’re weak; they’re fools; they’re jerks.”

Some generals, all who have retired, expressing their chagrin,

Remind the Donald, that’s not how the Constitution works.


Trump walked across a park to show us all his bravery,

A general and Secretary of Defense with him.

But most thought that he walked for his attention “cravery.”

As usual, not well-thought-out: Donald did it on a whim.


Trump stood and waved a Bible; did not read it, did not pray.

Cops tear-gassed some protesters, so Trump got his photo-op.

Republicans, as usual, have nothing much to say.

But “…didn’t hear the question,” “…late for lunch,” …”no time to stop.”


Eight minutes, forty seconds of a knee on one man’s neck. (1)

Four hundred years of knees on necks of black folks in this land.

The system keeps its knees on necks: just knees, it’s not high tech.

Is now the time a people throws off knees on necks to stand? (2)


(1)  Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and forty six seconds, killing him, as we all saw on video.  For the last three minutes of this time, Mr. Floyd was unresponsive.

Three other police officers assisted him in this murder.

(2)  Paraphrased from the Reverend Al Sharpton’s eulogy for George Floyd.