Donald at the Bat – Day 1230, Two Diseases, One Family

Day 1230, Two Diseases, One Family 


Trump stood in front of St. John’s Church, a Bible in his hand,

A photo-op for all to see, a classical grandstand.

What does the Bible mean to Trump?  His history says, “Not much.”

The photo-op that Donald chose shows he is out of touch.


The nation cries for healing, since one hundred thousand died.

But Trump is not a healer, instead he seeks to divide.

The Bible teaches, “Love thy neighbor….” Help the poor and lame. (1) (2)

But Donald only loves himself and money, power, and fame.


Two enemies assail us; they are two kinds of disease.

For one is carried in our hearts, the other on the breeze.

Coronavirus just evolved by chance; it’s not a plot.

Racism is much older though, and it has to be taught.


 And both are quite infectious; both are killers, as we know.

Both vary in intensity; the seeds of both still grow.

Our doctors, teachers, preachers, though they try to intervene,

Our treatments are not good enough and we lack a vaccine.


To wave the Bible will not cure the problems that we face:

An accidental mutant and antipathy toward race.

The virus is a few months old; racism—centuries.

Hard work will be required, not photo opportunities.


We’re desperate for a president to lead this work and heal.

That isn’t who we have now, though we earnestly appeal.

Perhaps if Trump would read the Bible, not just pose with it,

He might learn scripture’s lessons but he doesn’t give a shit.


The first page in the Bible tells us how we ought to start. (3)

We’re all one human family; Donald, take those words to heart!


(1)  Deuteronomy 6: 4-5, as well as Leviticus, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

(2)  Luke 14: 13-14

(3)   Genesis 1and 2, the creation stories.  All humans came from the first man and woman, traditionally, Adam and Eve.