Donald at the Bat – Day 1231, Trump Has No Friends

Day 1231, Trump Has No Friends 


Obama signed Iran’s nuclear deal

For Donald Trump, just that fact was enough

To rant to the world that he would repeal

And trash the deal, stomping out in a huff.


It was the same for the Paris Accord

To cut pollution, reduce fossil fuel.

Donald bailed out with no ‘chute or ripcord.

While all data showed that he was a fool.


Now it’s the WHO Trump has left.    (Dubya, H, O)

Too China friendly, (as Trump used to be.)

He calls their scientists tools of the left.

(Deep in his heart, Trump would love to be Xi.)


So, Donald’s been left without any friends,

Just fluffers like Pence and now, William Barr.

We’re waiting to see what all this portends,

No one will buy Trump’s high-mileage used car.


Allies in Europe all think Trump is nuts.

We’re now viewed with pity, loss of respect;

They wonder why we’d elect such a putz,

And carefully watch whom next we elect.


Bombs and pollution and murder by cops,

 Plus a pandemic of COVID 19,

These can’t be corrected by photo-ops.

Please, someone make “anti-stupid vaccine.”