Donald at the Bat – Day 1229, COVID19 Is Still Here

Day 1229, COVID 19 Is Still Here 


With COVID 19 still around, if we watch for two weeks,

In cities where the protests were, we’ll start to see new peaks.

The arsonists who started fires will feel their throats inflamed.

And we know Trump, and that assures that leftists will be blamed.


Remember Colin Kaepernick and killings by police?

He kneeled before the flag to say he hoped those deaths would cease.

Trump misdirected anger, said to kneel showed disrespect.

So Colin lost the argument, cop killings go unchecked.


Massive protests, many cities, Trump blames left, not right,

The man whose murder caused it all, forgotten in the fight.

Racism is systemic; that’s our underlying crime.

One more unarmed black man was killed: what will we do this time?


And meanwhile, COVID 19 lurks, how it loves a parade!

No masks, no social distancing: the price must soon be paid.

With grievances we must redress but warnings we ignore,

We march together outside, COVID blows right in the door.


The looting we have seen just hardens bigotry in whites.

We know that Barr and Trump will be referring to these nights.

They’ll misdirect attention as we have already seen.

Though not on stage, still in the theater: COVID 19.


This life is never simple; we have lots of work to do.

Whites: fight for black equality.  The bill is long past due.

White churches: show you stand for love; you preachers: raise your voice.

And, in November, everyone: go vote; there’s a clear choice.


And meanwhile, so we stay alive, let’s heed our scientists,

Our epidemiologists, and our economists.

Pandemics and recovery are perilous and long.

There are no simple answers except Trump is usually wrong.