Donald at the Bat – Day 1228 (no 1227): 1933?

Day 1228: 1933? 


Recalling 1933,

The Reichstag, Berlin, Germany,

A Dutchman set the Reichstag fire,

Which led to Nazi tyranny.


The Dutchman was a Communist.

The usual suspects on the list

Were active Communists as well,

A calumny that would persist.


Since Hitler was the Chancellor,

He thought that he just might secure

His Nazi party’s dominance

And use the leftist saboteur.


So Hitler cried, “Conspiracy!”

Which led to Hindenburg’s decree

To use against the Communists,              

Restricting civil liberty.


And that would lead to mass arrest

Of Communists from east to west

And Communists in Parliament,

Detention no one could contest.


And, presto!  This authority

Gave Nazis a majority

And six years later, World War II

And Holocaust depravity.




A black man murdered, protests swell;

By now you know the story well;

Provocateurs are setting fires,                                                

Destruction, looting, tear gas, hell.


Bill Barr calls those who set a fire,

“Left wing extremists,” who conspire

To overthrow the government.

Will this be freedom’s funeral pyre?


Then comes, the presidential tweet:

The army will come clear the street

And quell dissent throughout the land.

Now ask, “Will history repeat?


In ’33, in Germany,

The Reichstag fire brought tyranny.

The spark ignited Nazi rule,

War, Holocaust, and infamy.


Will we retain democracy?

Is history a prophecy?

Will those who long to stay in power

Solidify supremacy?