Donald at the Bat – Day 1223, Masks, Science, Business

Day 1223, Masks, Science, Business


Now Trump supporters choose to bask

In ignorance without a mask.

They even show hostility

To those who know biology

And wear a mask to show respect

For others whom they might infect.


Why is this now political,

Religious and heretical,

To show that science is your guide?

In fact, the Donald’s downright snide;

He will not let reporters see

Him wear a mask.  What lunacy!


The ignorant cry, “Liberty!

“No governor’s controlling me,

“No one can tell me, ‘Stay at home,’

“No, they must leave me free to roam.

“Though others may get sick and die,                

“I’ll sterilize myself with lye.”


Trump’s forcing people back to work,

No more relief bills, what a jerk!

If working places spread disease,

Trump will ignore the workers’ pleas.

Big profits are the Donald’s goal;

A rising Dow will soothe his soul.


When we start business up once more

The markets will begin to soar.

In spite of what the doctors say,

The virus will just go away.

The speed of growth will take your breath.

Who cares if there’s some excess death?


Don’t cower in the face of doom,

The Dow Jones still has lots of room.

When higher than it’s ever been

Will we all vote for Trump again?

How many folks will have to die

To buy a Dow Jones record high?