Donald at the Bat – Day 1124, How Smart Are We?

Day 1224, How Smart Are We? 


Well into my majority

But not yet to senility,

I’m taking leave to comment on

The passing scene’s stupidity.


This epidemic’s bringing out

Some properties that make me doubt

Our level of intelligence.

On average, there’s not much to tout.


We’ve lost a hundred thousand lives

And it seems random, who survives.

Though COVID 19 is not done,

Trump’s main concern: the Dow Jones thrives.


Could we do better?  Yes we could.

Our scientists have said we should

Test patients, trace, and isolate.

Things would be better, still not good.


Our health care system needs reform;

Until now, profit’s been the norm.

Imagine, hospitals must close;

They’re going broke in COVID’s storm.


Should we have Medicare for all?

Could we kick-start it in the fall?

Conservatives will all say, “No!”

They’ll fight the “Socialist” cabal.


A president who will not lead,

Instead, who tweets mendacious screed,

Conspiracies pulled from his ass,

To feed his narcissistic creed.


And we’ll face two more problems soon,

For hurricanes begin in June,

Then, influenza in the fall,

To which we might not be immune.


So, storms and COVID and the flu:

We cannot trust what Trump will do,

To fight a war on all three fronts,

A huge bill will be coming due.


And Trump can’t duck and go bankrupt,

Or bloviate, tweet, and erupt;

This “wartime president” must lead.

We’ll all get hurt when Trump gets “whupped.”


When this has passed, will we have learned

There’s more than profit to be turned?

There’s “general Welfare” to promote.  (1)

There’s death to pay if this is spurned.


(1)  See the preamble to the Constitution.  General Welfare and Liberty were not seen as conflicting, but equal goals by the Founding Fathers.