Donald at the Bat – Day 1225, Trump and Twitter

 Day 1225, Trump and Twitter 


The Donald’s mad at Twitter, for they pointed out his lies.

So, he’ll issue an order that should cut them down to size.

The Donald knows his lying tweets solidify his base,

So he can’t tolerate someone who puts him in his place.


Now broadcast, print, and social media incur his wrath.

They’re more against than for, if you just do the simple math.

Deception and the lie are mainstays of the Donald’s act

And you’ll destroy his punch lines when you introduce a fact.


Must Trump rely on Russian bots to spread mendacity?

Can Donald tweet and speak, restricted to veracity?

We know he hates reporters who have told us what he said

And, if they point out when he lies, then Trump will lose his head.


The Congress can’t make laws against the freedom of the press.

The First Amendment’s clear on that, to Donald’s great distress.

Since Twitter, Facebook, Google, Bing, are private companies,

The president is someone that they do not have to please.


They’ve given Trump a lot of rope and they can rein him in.

If they point out his lies, it is a fight that Trump can’t win.

If he sues them for libel, then the truth is their defense.

Trump can’t require obeisance as he does from Barr and Pence.


So Donald has to keep Fox News and Putin on his side.

 Poor Rush Limbaugh has cancer; what will Trump do when he’s died?

If Trump can’t lie ad libitum and fewer will for him,

Trump sees his re-election chances growing rather dim.


Since Trump has signed his order, just whom will his order screw?

He’s reaffirming he won’t stand for any press review.

Repealing rules that, until now, let Donald lie for free,

Could let those that he’s libeled sue him into penury.


Without libel protection, Twitter just might cancel Trump.

For, after all, most of Trump’s tweets belong out on the dump.

If Trump’s not free to lie and smear, what will he have to say?

He frankly needs some censorship or there’ll be hell to pay.