Donald at the Bat – Day 1222, Church and Golf

Day 1222, Church and Golf 


Trump opened up the churches, then went out to his golf course.

“You mean he didn’t go to church, played golf instead?”  Of course!

Trump shows his base no data and no scientists can make

The Donald knuckle under; there is no amount of force.


The Donald says we’ll open up; it is a piece of cake.

Meatpacking plants are hard at work; let’s have a juicy steak.

So Trump plays golf; we go to work; and both will pump the Dow.

Instead when Trump is working, we all get a stomach ache.


Trump says that we’ll beat COVID and to open up is how.

Though scientists all disagree; Trump cries, “Charge!” anyhow.

In half our states, the COVID cases are still on the rise.

But, “Damn the virus, full speed ahead,” Donald won’t kowtow.  (1)


We’re going back to work while watching COVID 19 rise,

A sad statistic of the COVID war Trump can’t disguise.

Perhaps we’re safer though, with Donald golfing on his course.

Things just get worse when Trump is working, sadly, no surprise.


“Is Donald’s stubbornness political?”  You ask.  Of course!

(But, church is crowded; Trump is safer golfing on his course.)

And now, red states get sicker as those trusting him defy

Advice from doctors and rely on Donald as their source..


Does it frustrate Trump’s base, who aren’t permitted to rely

On science, due to Democrats they feel they must defy?

The liberals have reality now firmly on their side.

Right wingers have no option but to sicken and to die.


(1)  “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead,” attributed to Union navy Rear Admiral David Farragut at the battle of Mobile Bay on August 5, 1864.  Precisely what he said is debated but he won the battle and took the Confederate port.