Donald at the Bat – Day 1219, Wearing Masks

Day 1219, Wearing Masks 


Some people just get violent when asked to wear a mask,

Objections “constitutional,” just where though, please don’t ask.

“No shirt, no shoes, no service,” is a sign in some cafes.

Are anti-maskers exercised by this specific phrase?


With Donald their example for his anti-science stance,

The ignorant all feel entitled to let loose their rants.

The Donald will not wear a mask and stand before the press;

He will not show respect for science, will not acquiesce.


Antipathy to science is a problem in our land.

Religion, and now politics, both have to make a stand.

Since science is not easy, every brain cannot adapt;

It takes a lot of study and some brains are just not apt.


And Donald Trump is one of those, for his intelligence

Has seemed to value fraudulence much more than evidence.

But now, the Donald’s problem is a world-wide disease.

Unable to use science, Donald Trump relies on sleaze.


With Donald Trump’s example, all the public is confused,

His staff on pins and needles, lest Trump’s ego should be bruised.

Both masks and social distancing are proven to save lives

But that’s the sort of data that gives Donald Trump the hives.


The Donald can’t get better and that means his base will not.

They’ll both rely on Fox News, or perhaps some Russian bot.

America will pay with lives for Trump’s incompetence,

Most of these lives still to be lost; think in the future tense.


The scientific method tells how COVID will behave

Much better than Trump’s GI tract, when we hear Donald rave.

When scientists and journalists say this, then Trump gets mad.

But COVID 19 does not give a shit if Trump looks bad.