Donald at the Bat – Day 1218, It Always Begins With Dry Cleaning

Day 1218, It Always Begins With Dry Cleaning 


It always begins with dry cleaning; (1)

The first place you should look,

To begin your corruption screening,

To try to catch a crook.


There’s walking the dog and some shopping,

Picking up odds and ends.

Such tasks will keep junior folks hopping,

Going where their boss sends.


It then moves to some fancy dinners,

 All on the people’s dime.

The pattern for Donald Trump’s “winners,”

Has been that sort of crime.


Now Pompeo’s tit’s in a wringer,

For just that sort of stuff.

When asked, he just gives us the finger.

This time, that’s not enough.


The IG at the State Department,

Taking a look at Mike,

Has been sent home to his apartment,

His head stuck on a spike.


Once more we are seeing corruption

That’s covered up by Trump.

Another case of slime eruption.

Dripping from Donald’s pump.


Lisa Gilbert, quoted in the New York Times May 20, 2020