Donald at the Bat – Day 1217, The COVID19 Blues (music yet be written)

Day 1217, The COVID 19 Blues 


We’ve got the COVID 19 blues;

Trump has hydroxychloroquine.

Both the disease and drug make news.

Such strange times that we are in.


We see the cases multiply

And, as we watch the numbers rise,

We’ll see a hundred thousand die

But Trump says, “Don’t trust your eyes.”


Now Donald’s pissing on our shoes

And he’s assuring us it’s rain.

It isn’t COVID 19 blues;

We’re not circling the drain.


Chorus:  In this pandemic’s blood and gore,

We may kill millions like before.

Trump has to lead us in this war;

Bone spurs won’t get him off once more.

We’re in the COVID 19 war

And General Bone Spurs got here late.

With virus spreading as before,

Trump says, “Open up the gate.”


And he’ll invite the virus in,

Say, “Take a seat and have a beer.”

Although he’ll sacrifice some men,

The rest don’t have much to fear.


Who’s Donald trying to hoodwink

As we drink with the enemy?

I guess Old Bone Spurs doesn’t think

He’ll be enshrined in infamy.



We got the COVID 19 blues;

This epidemic’s not a ruse.

And this November, we can choose.

To vote out COVID 19 blues.