Donald at the Bat – Day 1216, What to Do? (parody to ‘I’ve Got To Be Me’)

Day 1216, What to Do?


The Donald just doesn’t know what to do;

It’s easy to see, he hasn’t a clue.

He can’t work with experts who tell him, “No,”

“Donald, that isn’t the right way to go.

“And, what you’ve been saying, just isn’t true.”


He thinks he is showing us how we can win

Revealing he takes hydroxychloroquine.

That wasn’t something his doctor advised,

But did permit, is what we have surmised.

Once more, Trump kicks science right in the shin.


As far as we know, Trump’s not shooting bleach.

His cabinets are child-proof: bleach out of reach.

Since he tests negative, that’s in reserve.

Right now Trump claims he’s ahead of the curve.

Bullshit permitted, that’s freedom of speech.


Hydroxychloroquine, yes; wear a mask, no.

Trump shows our nation the right way to go..

COVID 19 puts our lives on the line.

Experts be damned; Trump’s opinions are fine.

Trust Trump’s example, all you need to know.


Look out for yourselves and let freedom ring.

Though viruses spread, we’re still opening.

Mostly old people and prisoners die.

(That’s science data on which we rely.)

“I’ve Gotta Be Me.” Raise beer steins and sing!  (1)


Sometime this week, we will see the demise

Of our hundred thousandth.  As death tolls rise,

Will that be the cost to do business now,

Our country must pay to pump up the Dow,

And give to Trump the electoral prize?


(1)  “I’ve Gotta Be Me,” words and music by Walter Marks, for the 1968 musical, “Golden Rainbow.”  The 1968 single by Sammy Davis, Jr. is my favorite version.