Donald at the Bat – Day 1220, Opening the Churches

 Day 1220, Opening the Churches 


Now Donald’s opening our churches but he won’t be there.

Don’t look for him attending, for you haven’t got a prayer.

If you go worship in your church or mosque or synagogue,

And Donald Trump comes in to pray, you’ll all sit there agog.


The Donald does not go to church; his worship idol: ME!

And dollars are his host of saints; the purest blasphemy.

If congregants get COVID 19, that’s not Trump’s concern.

Survivors will still vote for him.  Some deaths cause no heartburn.


The COVID’s indiscriminate; a crowd’s a crowd to it.

Big crowds for football, baseball, church: all make a perfect fit.

And we know prayer is not protective; ministers have died.

But Trump thinks there are points to gain to say he’s on their side.


So, go to church to pray and sing this coming Sabbath day

And take hydroxychloroquine to keep the bug away.

Show you believe in Donald Trump, not Fauci’s threats of hell.

As COVID 19 licks its chops, Trump rings the dinner bell.