Donald at the Bat – Day 1208, Hallelujah! For the Dow Jones (parody to hymn, ‘Revive Us Again’)

Day 1208, Hallelujah! For the Dow Jones  (1)



Hallelujah! For the Dow Jones,

Hallelujah! Amen.

Let’s resuscitate business;

Revive it again.


Though infections still rise,

Though it’s clearly unwise,

We will open up business,

Keep our eyes on the prize.


Chorus:  Hallelujah….


COVID 19 will spread;

Many more will be dead;

Yet, we’ll still open business,

Is what Donald Trump said.


Chorus:  Hallelujah… 


Donald won’t wear a mask;

That is too much to ask,

For a man of his stature,

Too demeaning a task.


Chorus:  Hallelujah…


White House aides, positive

Should be dispositive

But the Donald is lucky

And, so far, negative.


Chorus:  Hallelujah…


Fauci’s in quarantine;

Mike Pence will not be seen,

Yet the Donald stays focused

On pursuit of the “green.”


Chorus:  Hallelujah…


(Solo for Donald Trump)

“Sinking economy

“Is the real enemy.

“I might lose in November;

“That’s what really scares me.”



“Hallelujah!  For the Dow Jones,

“Hallelujah!  Amen.

“Let’s resuscitate business,

“Revive me again.”


(1)  May be sung to “Revive Us Again,” by the Scottish physician and minister, W. P. Mackay (1).  It is a very stirring hymn. There are many, many variations of verses and examples on the internet.  Each verse and chorus also serves as a 25 second hand-washing song.