Donald at the Bat – Day 1207, Crazy

Day 1207, Crazy 


Somewhere in China was a bat, a virus had infected,

Which we call COVID 19, from the year it was detected.

The virus jumped from host to host, Chiroptera to Homo, (1)

In China, then to Italy, up north near Lago Como.  (2)


From Italy on to New York, from China to Seattle,

The world might lose a million in the COVID 19 battle.

Our government response was slow, with Donald in denial.

Ignoring all the warnings, Trump gave bullshitting a trial.


But facts are facts; ignoring them led to US disaster.

Most cases and most deaths worldwide, the truth a tough taskmaster.

Trump’s lashing out; it’s not his fault; right now he’s blaming China.

(And Democrats, the press, Obama still give Trump angina.)


The Donald cannot understand the charts and graphs of science,

A problem caused by decades of intestinal reliance.

So, Donald’s thinking always is self-centered, hazy, lazy…

Now COVID 19’s driven him completely bat shit crazy.


(1)  Chioptera are bats.  The word in Greek means “hand wing.”  A bat’s wing is like the human hand with very large webs between all the fingers.

(2)  Lago (Lake) Como is in northern Italy, right near the Swiss border.