Donald at the Bat – Day 1206, Onward, COVID Soldiers (song parody to ‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’)

Day 1206, Onward, COVID Soldiers  (1)


Onward!  Christian soldiers, in the COVID war,

Time to restart business, like it was before.

COVID 19 virus is our unseen foe.

We can’t let the virus win, so ready, set, let’s go!


Onward!  Christian soldiers; fight in the COVID war.

Push those Dow Jones numbers where they were before.


Oops! Some White House staffers tested positive.

That is a betrayal Donald can’t forgive.

It’s OK for COVID to attack his troops

But it’s treasonous to infiltrate in Trump’s in-groups.


Onward!  Christian soldiers, fight for your president.

If he gets infected, you are negligent.


If we’d only listen to what Trump suggests,

Then we would not have these epidemic pests.

Try hydroxychloroquine; give Lysol a try;

They will knock the virus out; we know Trump would not lie.


Onward!  Christian soldiers; fight for the bottom line.

Open up our business; things will all be fine.


(1)  May be sung to Onward! Christian Soldiers.