Donald at the Bat – Day 1205, Free Michael Flynn

Day 1205, Free Michael Flynn 


Why did we bother Michael Flynn,

Ask questions, make him lie,

And cause the legal mess he’s in?

Mike Flynn’s a stand-up guy.


He told the Russian, Kislyak

Of sanctions Trump would lift.

Obama’s sanctions would roll back;

Trump’s action would be swift.


But then Flynn told the FBI

That he said no such thing,

Denied it, told a flat-out lie,

(But did it for the king.)


Now Bill Barr says the FBI

Should not have questioned Flynn.

We simply had no cause to pry

And cause poor Mike to sin.


So, disregard Flynn’s guilty plea

And every other crime.

Barr now proposes: set Flynn free.

Poor Mike should do no time.


Flynn told a lie; we must admit.

But Bill Barr does not care.

It’s something he will now permit.

For Trump’s friends, that is fair.


Barr’s legal reasons may be flawed;

(Flynn made two “guilty” pleas.)

But, Bill knows Donald will applaud

And Barr’s aim is to please.