Donald at the Bat – Day 1204, The Mystery of Science

Day 1204, The Mystery of Science 


To Donald, science is a mystery,

Along with most events in history.

For Trump has trouble with established facts,

To which his gut is too refractory.


Trump thinks he should be arbiter of facts,

Subjecting truth to withering attacks.

The truth should be whatever Donald said,

Including statements Donald Trump retracts.


And, furthermore, what Donald may have said,

Which he got from Fox News, his daily bread.

He’ll likely change it in an hour or day,

When Putin puts new thoughts into his head.


The epidemic worsens every day

But there is something Trump will always say:

Obama did not leave a COVID test

And Democrats will simply not obey.


One might opine, it’s hard to make a test

For something non-existent, as you guessed.

And when, last year, the virus first appeared,

Trump dithered, now it’s our unwanted guest.


The scientists warned Trump it had appeared;

Ignoring them, it spread, just as they feared.

Trump tried to skate with standard trumpery,

 But COVID 19 won’t be domineered.


But facts are tough and standard trumpery

Cannot prevent their sure discovery .

And COVID will not sign an NDA.  (1)

To Donald, science is a mystery.


(1)  Non disclosure agreement, a favorite tool of the Trump organization.