Donald at the Bat – Day 1203, Maskless

Day 1203, Maskless


Trump went to a mask factory

And did not wear a mask.

He has remained refractory

To this distasteful task.

But Donald wore some PPE,

(With safety glasses on,)

To emphasize mask enmity?

Was this whole trip a con?


Thus, Donald showed he won’t support

The views of his Task Force.

You’d think that Trump ought to exhort

What seems a prudent course.

To Trump, the science is just words;

Who cares what experts say?

The rules are for the common herds;

Trump doesn’t have to play.



Trump can’t insult his “freedom” base,

Those who don’t give a damn

About the threat that we all face,

‘Til Safeway’s out of ham.

But Donald has that well in hand;

Though viruses still lurk,

On this front Donald made a stand:

Meatpackers!  Back to work!


Bikini bunnies on the beach,

Armed thugs in Michigan,

The minds of these are out of reach;

New COVID surge, begun.

Still, Trump cries, “Take our country back;

“You’re soldiers in a war.

“Though some will die from this attack,

“It won’t be Trump’s hard core.”


Since Trump has lost the COVID fight,

He’ll open a new front.

The data say, that’s not too bright,

And deadly, to be blunt.

Trump’s strategy: benign neglect,

Let COVID be ignored.

So what if it might re-infect?

His base is getting bored.