Donald at the Bat – Day 1202, Dr. Fauci’s Testimony

 Day 1202, Dr. Fauci’s Testimony


Trump won’t let Fauci testify

Before a House committee.

The person Trump wants to defy

Is Nancy, that old biddy.

The Democrats can rot in Hell;

They’re all so mean and nasty.

Trump knows that they don’t wish him well;

That’s why he’s feeling rasty.


But Fauci may now go and talk

To members of the Senate.

The reason Donald did not balk:

Republicans lead in it.

But Democrats will still be there

For Fauci’s testimony.

So Tony must take special care,

Discussing Trump’s baloney.




The data that we all have seen

Tell us a frightful saga;

The cases and death rates, obscene:

We do not look so MAGA.

With COVID cases on the rise,

Trump still claims we are copin’,

So governors should authorize

Our businesses to open.


But Fauci has said, “No, no, no,

“Don’t open prematurely.

“For all of our projections show

“We’re opening too early.”

Increasing cases, still more dead,

The trade that we are making:

Stock market points for COVID spread,

Means more lives for the taking.


Will Tony Fauci turn to toast

Once he’s through testifying?

For Donald likes to brag and boast

And fire all folks defying.

If Fauci can’t call strikes and balls,

(Birx: more accommodating)

We’re left with Donald’s brazen balls

And truth disintegrating.