Donald at the Bat – Day 1201, BS, HS, Lies

Day 1201, BS, HS, Lies 


Trump trusts his gut but won’t admit he’s blown it out his ass.

Let’s trust in science to outwit what comes from Trump’s crevasse.

Should we trust scientific facts or trust our leader’s farts?

‘Twixt science facts and GI tracts…trust data, graphs, and charts.


And, just because Trump’s ass attained a majesty of size,

That doesn’t mean that he has gained IQ points, or is wise.

It isn’t neurons that comprise the size of Trump’s behind

But rather excess shakes and fries on which the Donald dined.


Trump’s borborygmi aren’t the sounds of analytic thought

But preparations for big mounds of products for the pot.

The human GI tract or bovine: products are the same.

But bovine, sometimes equine, have achieved a claim to fame.


Describing specious arguments, appealing just to flies,

And redolent of flatulence, not quite the same as lies,

The bovine and the equine forms of products from the gut

Now serve as analytic norms when we wish to rebut.


So, when we have a president that peristalsis guides,

You cannot be too confident of “wisdom” he provides,

And speeches do not satisfy with content or syntax,

You pray to God Trump would rely on scientific facts.


When scholars study Donald Trump once he has passed away,

A time when truth sank in a slump, in all he had to say,

Will “bullshit,” “horseshit,” or just, “lie” describe the Donald’s wiles?

Perhaps might, “Trumpspeak,” satisfy the neologophiles? (1)


(1)  Second syllable of “Trumpspeak” modifiable to taste.