Donald at the Bat – Day 1200, Excuses

Day 1200, Excuses 


This virus has kept sending souls to heaven or to hell.

So Donald needs excuses, for things are not going well.

Trump can’t admit his leadership has failed to curb the threat.

Most cases and most deaths worldwide: are we in Donald’s debt?


Is COVID 19, Moby Dick and Donald Trump, Ahab?

Is COVID 19, germ warfare, made in a Chinese lab?

No, COVID 19 just evolved, a virus from a bat.

Just random evolution?  Oh, no, Donald can’t have that.


Trump blamed Obama once again, who left us with no test.

(But COVID did not yet exist, all scientists attest.)

And what Obama did leave Trump was a pandemic team,

Which Trump dismantled, which by now, is his recurring theme.


Trump does not trust intelligence and scientific facts,

For often they oppose his gut, which gives him gas attacks.

So he ignored the warnings of a virus poised to spread

And now he has to deal with over 60,000 dead.


And, all these deaths in nursing homes?  (On their way out, anyway.)

On Fox News recently, that’s what O’Reilly had to say.

And prisoners and dark-skinned folks, if they’re hit hard, so what?

We can’t let losing folks like this, make businesses stay shut.


Then Trump sent Jared Kushner out to claim a big success

And say his failures are “fake news,” spread by a hostile press.

There’s no coordination; Trump has left things to each state.

And now he’s urging, “Open up,” to keep our country great.


It’s China’s fault, Obama’s fault, the press, his enemy.

To say Trump is responsible is evil blasphemy.

For Donald’s re-election, he needs crowds; he craves their cheers.

The Chinese virus and the press must not stir up our fears.


And so, the Tweeter tweets away; he needs an alibi.

It must be someone else’s fault that things have gone awry.

A president in wartime, “unseen enemy” at large,

That it’s his fault when things go wrong is just a trumped-up charge.