Donald at the Bat – Day 109, A Record To Be Proud Of?

Day 1209, A Record To Be Proud Of? 


Four percent of the world’s population,

One third of cases of COVID, worldwide,

One fourth of world deaths, just in our nation,

Statistics in which we cannot take pride.    


Weeks long delays developing testing,

We could not measure how far virus spread.

We did not know where it was infesting;

Delaying of tests cost thousands of dead.


President Trump has waged war on science,

Trusting his gut over careful research,

Tweeting support for loud non-compliance

Some from business, some from preachers in church.


But now the virus is in the White House,

And all White House aides must now wear a mask.

Shouldn’t this finding be like a lighthouse?

Will Trump wear a mask?  His answer: “Don’t ask.”


COVID 19 tests Trump as a leader.

All he has said though is, “Do not blame me.”

We need more than a petulant tweeter,

Who’s governing by his gut’s alchemy.


Now we see Trump, unglued by a question,

Stalk from the podium and from the press.

Forced to eat facts gives Trump indigestion;

Data his GI tract cannot process.